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Meet the Team

Timothy R. Mackay

SVP, Retail and Mortgage Banking
PH: 248-737-0300

Brad Donnelly

VP, Mortgage Sales Manager
NMLS ID: 138413
PH: 248-538-2283


Kendra Merriman 

Mortgage Sales Manager
NMLS ID: 233781
PH: 734-794-5229


Andrew Sussex

Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 169364
PH: 248-225-2608


Carol McGee

Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 525329
PH: 248-755-4220


David Niehaus

Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 189490
PH: 248-207-3701


David Watkins

Community Investment Manager
NMLS ID: 1205533
PH: 248-752-3575


Denise McMaken

Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 436613
PH: 248-380-6590


Jeffrey Shipway

Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 525352
PH: 248-538-2155

Jeff Walters

Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 576910
PH: 734-794-5231


Jonathan Lammers

Construction Loan Specialist 
NMLS ID: 39879
PH: 734-929-8379


Toufiq Ahmed

AVP, Mortgage Banker
NMLS ID: 436611
PH: 248-342-3757



Level One Bank Company NMLS ID: 405263

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